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Our Story

Sheforce is a movement to empower, educate and elevate women and minorities into the construction industry.

We are the first female-led recruitment and labour hire social enterprise in the industry. 


We envisage a world with equal, inclusive workplaces where everyone is valued, respected and supported.

Our purpose is to establish a path for equality and diversity as we dedicate our efforts to finding job security for women and minorities and support them as they navigate a career within the industry. 

Sheforce Recruitment assists our partners in recruiting women and minorities into their business.

Sheforce Labour Hire differentiates from traditional labour hire as we support our people into building a career within construction and assist in upskilling them to build a sustainable and rewarding career. 

Sheforce Wellness Program empowers our people by providing additional mentoring, coaching and training on financial literacy, health and wellbeing. 

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Our Vision

A world with equal, inclusive workplaces

where everyone is valued, respected and supported.

Our Mission

We provide meaningful employment opportunities and recruitment services.


We bridge the gender gap in male dominated industries such as construction, transport and manufacturing.


We upskill and support women and diverse people that face employment barriers.

Our Values



We are passionate about our work.


We are passionate about growing the presence of women across all industries. Every person we place on a worksite inspires us to keep striving to place another one.



We are better together.


We value all of our stakeholders from team members to dedicated clients and give them the support, information and tools they require to achieve results.



We are all equal.


We ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. We promote a safe workplace where team members can express themselves, their individuality and diversity.

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